Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fargo Radio: KFGO Hosts Listeners During Annual Picnic

The annual listeners picnic was held this past week in the parking of of Midwest Communications N/T KFGO 790 AM.

The Hunts
Among the 1,800 who showed-up were Bob and Linda Hunt of Stillwater, KS.  The couple drove 900 miles on-way to attend.  They big fans of the station and listen online.

KFGO reports the Hunts had no previous ties to Fargo or KFGO. After listening to the online stream years ago, including during the 1997 flood, the Hunts were hooked. Bob and Linda's radios (they have multiple in their home) are always tuned to KFGO. They said the station's commitment to the local community and the way in which it connects people across many divides were things missing in their local radio stations in Kansas.

The retired physics professor and dental hygienist, Bob and Linda decided to take a road trip to Fargo to see KFGO, meet its personalities, experience Fargo, and of course, attend the annual KFGO picnic.

As Bob puts it, "we just wanted a hamburger!" But they got much more:  the titles of "King and Queen of KFGO," a score of people wanting to meet them, airtime on the radio and lifelong friends.

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