Monday, January 18, 2016

Saginaw Radio: WHNN Drops Oldies For AC

Two major DJs in Saginaw, are out of a job as Cumulus Media's WHNN 96.1 FM flips to Adult Contemporay.

Johnny Burke and Blondie, part of Johnny Burke and the Morning Crew, have been on the radio for more than two decades. They got the news after coming off air Friday, according to WJRT-TV12.

According to their attorney, Victor Mastromarco, it had to do with appealing to a younger crowd.

Johnny Burke, Blondie
"It's devastating. I mean, you know, it cuts your legs right from under you. They absolutely had no idea," Mastromarco said.

In a press release Friday, Cumulus, the company that owns WHNN, says they are beginning a format evolution, changing their brand from WHNN "Our Classic Hits" to "My 96.1: The Best Variety of Yesterday and Today."

The press release also said they want music that makes listeners feel "younger, hipper and in the now."

Last song played was "C-c-changes" by David Bowie.

Mastromarco says he doesn't understand why they couldn't make these changes with Johnny Burke and Blondie, and is considering taking legal action.

"They're in the age group. The employer has terminated them. They, in fact, indicated a reason, which would be an impermissible reason, for terminating them. And that's all you need for the courts to look at to pass the threshold to have a jury determine what went on here," Mastromarco said.

WHNN 96.1 FM (100 Kw) Red=Local Coverage
WHNN officially began their format evolution at 5 p.m. Friday.


  1. I have removed WHNN FROM ALL MY RADIOS!!! I WISH Blondie and Johnny the best whereever they go. I CAN'T DOWNLOAD PERISCOPE, WON'T let me, keeps saying My Device Samsung Galaxy Relay 5 is not compatible to The Periscope App. I TRIED all the suggestions thru Twitter and beyond nothing would work!!! I will miss them ALOT

  2. I want to follow Johnny & Blondie is there a spot you can go to where you don't have to sign up and download some app Chuck K..