Friday, January 22, 2016

Holiday PPMS Released for Portland, Orlando, 10 More Markets

Nielsen Thursday 01/21/16 Released Holiday PPM Data for the following markets:

 23  Portland OR

 24  Charlotte-Gastonia-Rick Hill NC

 26  Pittsburgh

 27  San Antonio

 28  Sacramento

 29  Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo

 30  Cincinnati

 31  Las Vegas

 32  Cleveland

 33  Orlando

 34  Kansas City

 37  Columbus OH

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Nielsen compiles and reports audience estimates for all radio stations in its surveyed markets, subject to its minimum reporting standards. The estimates for all reported stations are available only to Nielsen Radio Market Report subscribers.
Noncommercial radio stations that are authorized users through the Radio Research Consortium and that meet minimum reporting standards will be displayed in PPM markets. Noncommercial radio stations will not be displayed in Diary markets. Please contact the Radio Research Consortium at (301) 774-6686 or for information about authorized users.
The subscriber list is based on information available to and processed by Nielsen at the time of publication. A subscribing station may not appear if it recently changed its call letters or band, or if it was off the air during the recent reporting period.
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