Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saginaw Radio: Johnny Burke Launches Show On Periscope

Johnny Burke
Though his time with WHNN 96.1 FM has come to an end, popular morning radio show host Johnny Burke still is connecting with listeners and fans.

From his couch Monday, Jan. 18, the well-known on-air personality told viewers via Periscope that he and his co-host Blondie were "escorted" from the studio Friday, Jan. 15, after what would be their final show.

"We were escorted out the door after our show Friday. We didn't know," Burke said.

But Burke was back at it with his own morning show Monday. Blondie wasn't there, though she had planned to be, he said.

"Thanks for the support. We've got just tons of support and love on Facebook and on Twitter, on the websites, Johnny and Blondie fan page and the WHNN website," Burke told viewers Monday.

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Burke and Blondie
According to mlive.com, Burke said he intends to do this new program every weekday morning, possibly at 6:30 a.m. and possibly more than once per morning.

"I don't know how this is going to end up. It's going to evolve over time," he said.

Burke said he and Blondie were "shell shocked" by Friday's announcement that the station was dropping Classic Hits for an AC format.

"Nine o' clock, we were told Friday morning that it was over, that the station was opting for a more music, younger sound, which they've done, which I don't totally disagree with," he said. "What I do disagree with is our not being given the opportunity to try it."

WHNN explained the change in a news release Friday, Jan. 13.

"Johnny Burke and Blondie will be leaving WHNN with our thanks for their contributions to the heritage and history of the station," Operations Manager Scott Stine said in a released statement.

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