Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aereo Not concerned With Net’s Threat

Chet Kanojia
For his part, Aereo boss Chet Kanojia said Monday that if current broadcasters give up their licenses to operate, then someone else will step in, according to

"I think broadcasting is a very important component in this country that isn't going away," he said. "Somebody else will be a broadcaster. It still is what generates mass audiences, and that's what people watch."

Kanojia was in Washington explaining his service to lawmakers and their staff, where he said D.C. is one of the 22 markets outside of New York in which the company plans to launch its service, and that he expects it to be up and running in "a couple of months."

He added that he doesn't understand broadcasters' beef, arguing that the service brings in eyeballs and will increase ratings making broadcasters' bottom line look better.

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