Monday, April 8, 2013

Bellingham Radio: Patti Brooks Leaves KGMI

Morning listeners to N/T KGMI New Pulse 790 AM are hearing a different voice on the radio this week, as morning host Patti Brooks had her last day Friday, March 29.

According to the Bellingham Herald, Brooks, who hosted "The Morning Talk Show with Patti Brooks" from 8 to 9 a.m. on 790 AM, submitted her resignation five weeks before her last day, said Michael O'Shea, vice president and general manager of Cascade Radio Group.

KGMI's program and news director Dillon Honcoop has taken over the morning shift in the meantime, as the station figures out how it will fill that time slot, O'Shea said. He's not sure if the station will find a new host or co-host for the show.

O'Shea described the resignation as amicable and said he tried to talk Brooks out of it because they enjoyed having her on air, but he believed she had some other projects in the pipeline. \

Brooks described her departure differently in a message to a reporter via Facebook. She said she had worked with management and been flexible for months, but O'Shea never made an offer to retain her.


  1. First it was Audra Schroeder, now Patti Brooks. As far as Audra goes, i'd like to see her do car dealership ads.

  2. Happy to see her go. I hated the way she voice her opinion