Monday, April 8, 2013

Advice: Local Is Not Enough

From AC consultant Gary Berkowtiz:
Gary Berkowitz
Some radio folks think that local is their salvation. This story may change your mind.
I was in one of my smaller markets last week. One of the stations in the cluster is a Class A CHR. 
Their competition, a 100kw  Clear Channel Premium Choice CHR that not only sounds pretty good but also runs the syndicated "Dave and Jimmy" morning show. 
I do not work for the CHR, (I'm the AC guy) but the station owner knows me and  knows that I always have an opinion (lol). He asked how I thought his station  sounded. I told him it was "just ok". 
He knows that "just ok" from me means I think they stink! It lacked "differentiation" from the other CHR and also played a lot of unfamiliar music. Most important, the new morning guy they hired was boring. 
My owner was not happy with my response and quickly told me that "we just hired this local morning guy to talk about local events and happenings to combat their syndicated show". 
If you have not heard the Dave and Jimmy morning show, take my word. They are good. Very good. They have a large production team working on it every day. The show moves has high energy, and is in touch with what's happening. Most important, Dave & Jimmy are TALENTED. My clients guy is local but he is boring. No excitement.  No entertainment. No talent.  
What's my point? 
Being local is not enough. Better talent & content always wins out. For my client, it means his local morning show will most likely never beat Dave and Jimmy.
Just imagine what would happen if a TV station put a "local" guy on opposite  Jimmy Kimmel. Yea, he'd be local,  but viewers would still choose Kimmel  cause he's so likable, funny and TALENTED. 
I'd love to know what you think about "local" vs "talent". Email me at

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