Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Steve Casey Joins Clear Channel's Programming Team

Clear Channel Radio announced Tuesday that well-known music research expert Steve Casey will become its Senior Vice President of Program Research Strategy.

Casey, a member of the team that founded MTV and the channel’s first program director, is a highly-regarded expert in radio programming research who joins Clear Channel from his role as President of Steve Casey Research International (SCR). SCR provides state-of-the-art music research design and analysis tools, ratings analysis, and individual research and programming consultation to most major radio groups and stations in over 30 countries. Casey began his 40-year career in the radio industry as on-air talent and production director.

At Clear Channel, Casey will report to Tom Owens, Executive Vice President of Programming Development. He joins an expanding team of research talent at the company, including Bob Michaels, Clear Channel’s EVP of Research, and Gary Marince, whose appointment as Senior Vice President for Research and Development was announced on April 5, 2011.

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