Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rona Mensah Out at WAFY After 17 Years

After 17 years on air with Frederick's (MD) KEY 103, radio personality Rona Mensah left the station Thursday.

"I was told it was my last show," Mensah said. "I didn't know it was coming," told Ike Wilson at

Mensah said the radio format changed in September, from adult contemporary to hot adult contemporary, a style for the station that is a little newer and directed at a younger audience.

"My only guess is I didn't fit with the new format style," Mensah said. "I was not given any indication that it was performance based."

KEY 103 Program Manager Dave Gunning said Mensah was "a fantastic employee who worked in just about every position" at the station.

"I couldn't say enough good things about Rona. She's incredibly connected to the community and was always the first to volunteer to do community events," Gunning said.

Gunning said personnel privacy laws prohibit him from divulging why Mensah left.

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  1. Im devastated! I loved Rona at Key 103.I would marry that woman.If I was down ,I heard that beautiful voice and all bad feelings would dissappear. I truly loved her.I thought she deserved a better music format like Jack.She has the personality and the voice ,cuteness and humor.Give her some great music and that show would be unstoppable!!!!- Kenny Ford Jr. Rona Call Me!!!!!!!!!!!