Thursday, March 24, 2016

Austin Radio: JB Hager Exits Classic 105.3 FM

JB Hager
Longtime radio personality JB Hager, who spent the past two years hosting the morning show on Austin Radio Network’s Classic K287FG 105.3 FM, has left the station.

Before joining Classic 105.3, Hager had a long run hosting a morning show on KAMX Mix 94.7 FM with Sandy McIlree.

According to, Hager says he’s already lined up a new gig creating online content for Empowering a Billion Women 2020, an Austin-based organization.

“It’s an amicable split” from Classic 105.3 FM, Hager said. “They’re focusing on other things right now and I’m using this time to see what the next 20 years of my media career will look like.”
Hager said he’s thankful for the time he spent at Bob Cole’s Austin Radio Network – time that he says helped strengthen his love of radio.

“I do believe in Bob Cole and he was very generous to me,” Hager said. “It was cool to work with him. I was given a lot of freedom and was able to do a lot of things that would make most programmers cringe. It wasn’t your typical morning jibber-jabber.”

Hager said he has not ruled out a return to radio one day, but he says he’s in no hurry.

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