Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TM Releases WYCD 2016 Country Jingle Package

TM Studios has announced that legendary WYCD 99.5 FM Detroit’s Country has come home to TM Studios to create WYCD 2016, a brand new Country jingle package ready for syndication.

Having written big customs for WYCD in the past, the TM Team partnered with CBS Radio and Hall of Fame Programmer Tim Roberts to create a completely fresh sound for the perennial market-leading powerhouse. WYCD 2016 features aggressive guitars, contemporary drums and loops, a youthful, gritty, modern vocal presentation not found in any other off-the-shelf country jingle product, and the signature WYCD music logo, originally created by TM Studios VP/Creative Greg Clancy.

Tim Roberts
WYCD Operations Manager and Program Director Tim Roberts said, “The WYCD 2016 TM Package is dynamic and seamlessly fits in to today’s Hot Country mix, while keeping our branding sounding fresh – it jumps out of the speakers in the mix!”

TM’s VP/Creative Greg Clancy comments, “We looked for the line in the sand in Country jingles and then steamrolled right over it. Nothing was too aggressive, nothing was too modern, and the final product demonstrates that. If you want that same slow, traditional Country jingle sound, you’ll need to look elsewhere. TM Studios has evolved across the board.”

WYCD 2016 is simply unlike any other Country jingle product available and is a must-listen for any station looking to rebrand, refresh or revitalize. WYCD 2016 is available now and can be previewed here.

WYCD 2016 is just one of many new offerings arriving in 2016 from the Dallas-based jingle company, all part of their “BIG 2016” campaign signifying the new era of radio jingles and commercial branding products.

To order or receive more information, contact or call Michael Capozzoli at (609) 386-1642.

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