Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bob Pittman on Clear Channel: Radio Isn’t Dying

Deal Journal at The Wall Street Journal tracked down Clear Channel Radio's new investor and chairman of media and entertainment platforms, Bob Pittman:

Deal Journal: How do you see your role at the company? You’re not the CEO –- that post is currently vacant –- but you say this isn’t a part-time gig, either. (UPDATE: Mark Mays remains Clear Channel CEO, but he has announced plans to step down; the search for his successor is ongoing.)

Pittman: I think John [Hogan, the CEO of Clear Channel Radio] and I are going to be joined at the hip on the strategy level….John and I going to focus very heavily on the growth areas for the company. One is digital. They’ve already done pretty well, and I think they have tremendous opportunity ahead of them.

What this company has that no one else has, is these very, very, very powerful local brands. I have a 9- and an eleven-year-old. It’s just about ruined my daughter’s relationship with her mother already, fighting over the radio for Z-100 [a Clear Channel rock station in New York]. First hand, from family rides in the car, I understand the power of these brands.

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