Thursday, November 18, 2010

Young Broadcasters Gain Global Audience

WKID is a radio station run and operated by kids. It's not kids play here either. Thanks to the internet, WKID's audience is global and stronger than ever.

"Europe and Australia. We've had people call in from Australia," radio host Adam Baker told

Adam "A-Dog" Baker and his staff of 25 broadcast seven days a week. They run the show from Baker's parents' Clearwater home. The location hasn't stopped them from getting some pretty cool guests either.

"We did a show with the Arena Football League in its revamp inaugural year, and we were recognized as one of the top podcasts in the country," says mentor and radio host Adam Wojcieszak.

"We've had players come in studio Brett Dietz, TY Timmons, Coach Tony Jones have been in here," adds Wojcieszak.

Wojcieszak helps the kids hone their craft. Most of them do want a career in broadcasting in the future.

"These kids are going to be somewhere professionally," he says.

Remember 96.7 on the dial (licensee is WCIE-FM, Radio Training Network). If you don't live in Clearwater you can check them out on the web at .

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