Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Herman Cain Show To End National Syndication

Herman Cain
Herman Cain dropped a 'news nugget' on his listeners Wednesday.

Beginning in January, Cain is discontinuing the national syndication of his radio show.

But, as Cain explained, he will continue his daily broadcast on all Cox Media Group radio stations, which includes WSB 750 AM / 95.5 FM in Atlanta and WDBO 96.5 FM in Orlando.

Cain released a written statement distributed to his radio affiliates:
"I want to thank you for the partnership we've shared through this Election Year and through the entire campaign," the statement reads. 
"It has been an incredible pleasure and honor to comment on the Presidential Race on your radio station - given that only 4 years ago, I was vying for the office." 
 As part of his note to radio stations nationwide, Cain suggested a replacement for his soon-to-depart radio show:
"I know that you'll need to find a suitable, impactful replacement for my talk show. I'd like to recommend that you consider Brian Kilmeade's 9am to Noon EST talk show: Kilmeade and Friends." 
"Brian has been a good friend at Fox News, and puts together a great show - in the same time frame as mine - that will continue to give your audience informative, entertaining and conservative content that will please your audience." 

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