Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Atlanta Radio: Surgery Needed For Jenn Hobby's Dauther

Jenn Hobby’s 1-year-old daughter battling cancer is set to undergo surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Hobby, of WSTR Star 94.1 FM’s "The Jeff & Jenn Show,” announced in August her youngest daughter, Reese, had been diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered a plum-sized, solid mass tumor in her abdomen. Reese immediately started chemotherapy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Aflac Cancer Center.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, Reese completed her fourth and final round of chemo last month and at a doctor’s appointment last Wednesday, doctors said her blood counts looked great and she was ready for surgery.

“The finish line is in sight and we’re so encouraged and so grateful,” Hobby said on the air last Thursday.

Hobby, fighting back tears, told listeners as they left Reese’s clinic visit last week, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” started playing on the radio as soon as they got in the car.

“It was just tears, streaming down my face as we were leaving,” Hobby said. “She’s our little fighter.”

The longtime Atlanta radio personality said as the song played she could see her daughter well again.

Reese is scheduled to have the tumor removed on Monday. In the meantime, Hobby said her family is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Prayers and well-wishes!

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