Friday, March 29, 2013

Rush: Content Makes The Radio Star

In response to a caller’s comments Thursday about why technology hasn’t killed the radio star...
RUSH: I'm still trying to figure out what that guy's question was, and I've got people telling me what he really meant.  Somebody just said to me that what he was asking was, "With all of these other media options, why is this old-fashioned AM radio still even around?"  Is that what he was saying?  Well, again, it's the same answer:  Content.  'Cause there's something on it people want to listen to.  Pure and simple.  That's why it's relevant. 
AM radio has something there that people would want, so they'll go there to listen to it.  Content, content, content!  Content is king, jCyprus.  Content, content, content, content.  Marshall McLuhan.  Remember him?  He said, "The medium is the message."  The message is the message. In my world, the message is the message.  If it were simply about modernity, AM would not exist, 'cause it's not modern.  There's nothing hip about AM. 
In terms of audio quality, you can do much better. 
In terms of reception, you can do much better.

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