Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carl Wolfson Launching Internet Radio Show

Former KPOJ-AM 620 progressive talk host Carl Wolfson is preparing to revive his radio show—this time on the Internet.

KPOJ’s owner, Clear Channel Communications, canceled Wolfson’s three-hour morning drive-time show right after Election Day and flipped the station’s format to Fox Sports Radio, igniting a furor among Wolfson’s listeners who suspected a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Wolfson has begun raising funds to bring back his show, "Carl in the Morning," for a 90-minute Internet program that will stream live at 7 am weekdays. The show will stream on computers, tablets and phones. It will also be downloadable as a podcast, according to Willamete Week.

If the show reaches its funding goals, it will debut Jan. 21, the day of President Obama’s public swearing-in for his second term.

“The president was elected to a second term,” Wolfson tells WW. “I think we deserve one, too.”

Many of Wolfson's biggest advertiser have already pledged to follow him to a new format.

Wolfson is inviting listeners to do the same: He's started a Kickstarter page to raise $40,000 by Jan. 16. The longtime comedian is offering a ticket to a 2013 stand-up show for every $75 donation. For $750, he'll have dinner with you.

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