Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wichita Radio: Police ID Body Found At Radio Station

Daniel Flores
Wichita City Police Tuesday disclosed that a body disocvered at the studios of Stecklin Communications was that of  Daniel Flores, according to

Flores was a startion employee and police believe his death was not "a random act."  Police also said the business was targeted.

Asked for clarification of what “targeted” meant, police Capt. Brent Allred said later Tuesday, “We believe this was not just a random act.” The killer was focused on “someone or something at that business,” Allred said.

Police report no leads on a suspect and no one is in custody.  There had been no recent problems at the business, police said.

What’s not clear, he said, is whether the killer was specifically targeting Flores, whose body was found with blunt-force injuries in the basement area of the offices.

Police gave this account: The initial emergency call, around 8 a.m. Monday, involved a report of what was initially thought to be a “cutting.” Officers found Flores in the basement area, where there appeared to have been a struggle where the killing occurred. Upstairs, investigators found disturbances in at least one office. Initially, two employees thought there might have been a burglary. When they walked downstairs, they found Flores. He was on the floor of a foyer area of the basement.

Steckline operates radio stations and an agricultural network.

Flores was working Sunday evening and was due to get off later that night, Ojile said. Flores was usually the last person to leave the business. Police think the killing occurred after 8 p.m. Sunday.

Flores had been employed at the offices about a year. He helped take care of computer equipment and audio equipment for taped broadcasts. Flores made sure the automated system was operating for broadcasts through the night and also had done some broadcasting, Ojile said.

The business has numerous doors, on the upper and lower floors, but no security cameras, Ojile said. Investigators didn’t find any sign that someone forced their way in. It’s not clear how the killer got in.

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