Friday, February 14, 2014

Boston Radio: Dunkin' Donuts Pulls Schedule Over Comment

Dennis Callahan
Dunkin’ Donuts Thursday confirmed it has cancelled all its advertising on the sports radio station WEEI 93.7 FM, and a station official admits the chain was “upset” at a disparaging comment made by morning host Gerry Callahan, who was paid to endorse the company’s products, according to The Boston Globe.

WEEI wouldn’t say what wording Callahan used about three weeks ago on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show. A spokesman for the station’s owner, Entercom Communications, said the incident involved an off-the-cuff remark about doughnuts that Dunkin’ did not find amusing.

Dunkin’ Donuts “heard the comments and took offense to it. You just don’t call somebody’s baby ‘ugly,’ even if it’s unintentional,” said Phil Zachary, vice president and market manager for Entercom in Boston.

Callahan could not be reach for comment.

However, Zachary said the longtime host acknowledged that he “screwed up badly” and apologized to executives at Dunkin’ Donuts.

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  1. Gerry Callahan is a boor,who is a typical product of greater Boston racism. Not surprised.

    1. Donut racists are the worst of them all....

  2. Agree; Callaghan is insufferably racist.

  3. Nice, classified 5 million people as racists. You aren't any better than Gerry. He's a righty wingnut anyway who is clearly out of touch with a blue Mass.

  4. I am by no means a Gerry Callahan supporter. I do listen to their show on infrequent occasion since Jon Meta Parel has left, as they do have Great guest hosts and call-in journalists, sports personalities etc. Kudos to their support staff for booking such informative and entertaining men/women. While I do not like Mr. Callahan's politics, opinions and condescending attitude, Gerry is a well-read, intelligent albeit closed-minded individual who DOES NOT deserve criticism this time! He is entitled to his Freedom of Speech, in making a legitimate statement. If what I have read he said is correct, in summary: Dunkin Donuts munchkins are not Nutritious. Really?? Certain assumptions are made in life due to their obvious nature. Donuts are on no Nutritionists list as food to eat and a munchkin is the middle. Very smart marketing and product utilization and I commend Dunkin Donuts management. Further, DD management should understand that the vast majority of customers knew this fact already but, like myself, greatly enjoy them, they are quality product, Dunkin Donuts facilities are typically excellent with great staffs. I do not splurge often but appreciate the freedom to have that right to choose. My humble opinion is that Mr. Callahan is being unduly reprimanded. Thank you to all. Dave, Everett, MA

  5. No freedom of speech issues here at all, as neither Dunkin Donuts nor Entercom are government entities. Closed-minded people are generally not intelligent. Callahan operates on an Archie Bunker level, while Dennis is text-book suburban Republican snot.Replacing the creepy but friendly Meter Parel with the creepy but psychotic Minihane did little to improve the toxicity of D & C. It would appear Dunkin Donuts used the munchkin remark as a lame excuse to justify a decision already made. Entercom may also use "Munchkin-gate" as an excuse to finally kick these two jerks to the curb. Callahan was an over the top good corporate shill for Dunkin Donuts for years, but he bit the proverbial hand the fed him and I hope he pays the price for it.