Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glenn Beck Rips NBC For 'Pivotal Experiment' Comment

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck on Monday ripped into NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics, saying it may as well consider itself a “communist network” at this point, according to Beck's website TheBlaze.

Beck referred to NBC’s coverage of the opening ceremonies, in which a narrator described communism as a “pivotal experiment” while speaking of the “towering presence” of an “empire that ascended to affirm a colossal footprint.” The narrator also described the “collective heart” of the people that have “resisted any notion of limitation.”

“I didn’t realize that killing 50 million people was a ‘pivotal experiment,’” Beck said in a withering tone. “Bless their collective heart … can you imagine saying that about fascism? That was a pivotal experiment, wasn’t it? You know, ‘Here we are in Berlin, where this was the home of a pivotal experiment.’ No, it was called fascism. Killed millions of people.”

Beck added that the people had a “collective heart” because they “had a gun to their head.”

Beck said he understands that NBC has millions of dollars invested in its coverage of the Olympic Games, but that the network should focus on praising the people and the athletes, not Russia’s history. The Russians can take care of glorifying themselves, he said.

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