Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Fox Business Reporter Busted For Crack Pipe

Lawrence Crook III
A member of the reporting team at Fox Business was busted last week at a Manhattan court house with a drug pipe in his sock, reports The NY Daily News citing authorities and sources.

Lawrence Crook, a reporter for the news network, was ticketed and escorted out of Manhattan Federal Court Dec. 9 after security spotted what appeared to be a glass crack pipe tucked into his sock as he passed through a metal detector.

Crook faces a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. Sources said the paraphernalia was a crack pipe, though one courthouse insider insisted it was for meth.

Crook, 36, was in the courthouse to cover an ongoing trial over a proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, sources said.

Fox News did not respond to an inquiry. Crook’s attorney, who is representing him in a separate case over an alleged violation of an order of protection, said he knew nothing about the paraphernalia charge.

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