Thursday, October 17, 2019

Who Are Podcasting’s Super Listeners and Why Are They So Important?

Topline findings from the first ever Super Listeners study from longtime partners, PodcastOne and Edison Research, were debuted Wednesday at the IAB Podcast Upfront in New York.

The industry-wide study showcases the power of podcasting’s most active consumers, including how they react to advertising, the role ads play in their listening experience and what the industry must be cautious about in maximizing advertising impact.

Complete findings from the new study will be revealed on Tuesday, October 22nd, at 2 PM EDT, in a live, online presentation. PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris and Edison Research SVP Tom Webster will walk attendees through an exclusive look at podcasting’s heaviest listeners, their attitudes towards advertising, and how they view podcasting in the greater media landscape.

Why Super Listeners Are Significant:  In every market there are power users – the smaller number of consumers who account for a high degree of demand.  In the podcasting space, we call them ‘Super Listeners,’ those who spend at least five hours listening to podcasts each week. These are the people most likely to hear podcasting ads and to really have an opinion about them. These Super Listeners are more than just fans of the medium—they are exposed to more messages and ads than the average listener.

Advertising in podcasts increases favorability for specific brands: 
  • 60% of Super Listeners appreciate podcast advertisers for supporting their favorite podcasts  
  • 44% say their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear it mentioned in a podcast they regularly listen to 
This favorability impacts the thing advertisers care about most, conversions: 
  • 70% considered a new product or service as a result of hearing a sponsorship or ad on a podcast they regularly listen to 
  • 43% say that when price/quality are equal, they prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on podcasts they regularly listen to 
The data comes with a warning:  
  • Yes, Super Listeners are receptive to ads, the ads work, and they change purchase behavior and brand perception 
  • To date, we haven’t tainted podcasts with ads, as seen in the fact that only 24% say there are too many ads in podcasts, compared to 62% for TV, 47% for AM/FM radio and 45% for streaming audio 
  • But when choosing content to consume, 50% say it is important or very important to limit their exposure to ads. Simultaneously, 49% of Super Listeners say there are more ads now than there were a year ago 
  • Thus, the industry must be cognizant of maintaining the premium impact of podcast ads, as they continue to result in action among podcasting’s most loyal consumers. 
To register for the Super Listeners webinar, featuring the complete study: Click Here.

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