Monday, August 24, 2020

Insights: Podcast Ads Drive Brand Equity For Marketers

This week’s Westwood One blog highlights multiple case studies conducted by Signal Hill Insights, proving that podcasting can no longer be dismissed for lack of measurement.

One of the leading experts on audio content measurement and listening trends, Signal Hill Insights has built a strong reputation for podcast advertising brand equity measurement. 
  • No longer can marketers assert podcast advertising cannot be measured as there is a robust and experienced set of firms that are measuring search and site traffic as well as podcast brand effect. 
  • Awareness is important because it drives sales: A brand must be known before they are needed. According to Nielsen, unaided awareness is responsible for 60% of all brand considerations and 90% of all auto purchase intentions. 
  • Billie: Razors and personal grooming products for women: Compared to those who did not hear Billie’s ads, those exposed to the podcast ads had +117% greater unaided awareness, +42% greater aided awareness, +21% greater “love/like” brand favorability, and were +21% more likely to take an action.
  • HelloFresh: Recipe box service: Those exposed to the podcast ads represented a +164% increase in unaided awareness and a +44% growth in aided awareness. Among those exposed, brand favorability grew +51%. There was a +16% lift in those that said they would take an action. 
  • Chanel: Famous fashion brand: Comparing those unexposed and exposed to the Chanel ad saw an outsized lift in unaided awareness (+206%) and virtually no growth in aided awareness. When you’re one of the most famous global fashion brands, it’s hard to improve on an aided awareness that is nearly 100%. Those exposed to the podcast ads had +7% greater brand favorability. Among those exposed there was a +13% lift in taking action. 
  • Talkspace: Online mobile therapy service: Podcast advertising grew unaided awareness by +150% and aided awareness by +14%. Brand favorability increased +14% and those that would take action was up +10%.

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