Monday, April 27, 2015

Research Update: The Changing Media Landscape

Jacobs Media has released the findings of its 11th annual national web survey.  The annual "Techsurvey" looks at how consumers are receiving their audio and video entertainment. The latest survey concludes that the car continues to be an important story for radio as a majority of the audience spends the lion's share of their listening in a moving vehicle.  It also shows a highly evolving and changing media environment.

Fred Jacobs
In its new web study of radio listeners, the fast-moving media environment is now tracked using two different “pyramids” that track the ways in which consumers are using their new media entertainment and information options. Overall, 13 different radio formats and four generations provide the narrative that explains this evolving landscape.

As Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs points out, "Every year when we sit down to analyze the data, we're in search of "the one big thing" that impacts radio. This year the story is different - there's a steady drumbeat of digital growth in all directions, as radio listeners enjoy a widening array of options. The good news is that consumers continue to strongly listen to radio as the media landscape continues to expand."

The traditional Media Usage Pyramid is comprised of gadgets (smartphones, Smart TVs), big media activity (TV viewing, radio listening), as well as key activities (social media profile, audio and video streaming).

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And a new Brand/Platform pyramid provides broadcasters with a visual look at the specific channels their audiences are regularly using – from SiriusXM to Pandora to YouTube to Twitter.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey11:
  • Radio listening is solid as 92% of the sample listen for one hour a day or more. But the listeners continue to make use of the many options and choices that have become more accessible.
  • The car continues to be an important story for radio broadcasters. A majority of the audience spends the lion’s share of their listening in a moving vehicle. Among those who are in the market for a new vehicle in 2015, nearly nine in ten (89%) say an AM/FM radio is very important.
  • Of the 18% of the total sample with a connected car, satisfaction with these systems is very strong. Three-fourths love or like their in-car media systems.
  • The vast majority (74%) say they rarely or never change their car radio pushbuttons or media settings.
  • Facebook continues to lead the way as more than nine in ten (94%) of those with a social media profile use Mark Zuckerberg’s site. And nearly three-fourths (73%) of those on Facebook visit the platform at least daily.
  • Secondary social media sites are important and highly used among fans of various radio formats. While Facebook dominates, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are all major players among key audience groups.
  • More than eight in ten (81%) now own a smartphone. And one-third (34%) of respondents with a mobile phone say they’re addicted to these gadgets.
  • Radio remains #1 for music discovery, but among Millennials, other options like Pandora and YouTube are growing in importance.
  • Pandora is the dominant smartphone app among those who download radio applications on their smartphones and tablets. But complaints about a lack of song skips and annoying commercials continue to grow.
  • One-fourth (24%) are aware of the FM radio chip. Overall, nearly six in ten (58%) say they’d listen to FM radio a lot or a little more if it were activated in their smartphones.
  • Just as many people who wake up with the aid of clock radio now rise and shine with a cell phone (both with 40%).
Techsurvey11 was powered by NuVoodoo who provided analytical and platform support.

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