Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FL Radio: JVC Media Launches 93.5 The Bar

JVC Media has announced the addition of  live and local radio to the West Palm Beach, Florida radio airwaves.

Tuesday, JVC closed on the second of two purchases in the West Palm Beach Market bringing WSWN 900 AM and WBGF 93.5 FM into the JVC family of stations.

As of noon Tuesday, 93.5 The Bar is open for business. WBGF-93.5 FM serving the Palm Beaches opened its doors with 24 -hours of Bubba the Love Sponge as the bartenders and barmaids of JVC prep the bar for a Grand Opening featuring 10,000 songs commercial free.

WBGF 93.5 FM (15.5Kw) 60dBu Coverage
This Bar will be serving up plenty of Mainstream Rock to add to the Bubba in the morning mix, always reminding our listeners to Rock Responsibly. The best shots of 90’s, 2K and current Rock will make up the menu and there will be plenty of homegrown music on tap too.

JVC Media of Florida Executive Vice President Shane Reeve says, “this is the only place on the dial to hang out where there’s great music, good conversation and tons of fun”! We’re doing radio the old-fashioned way, personality driven, and the Happy Hours are going to be unbelievable”!


  1. hope this station last a long time it has been a real time for this kind of fomat i like great music if you guys can play migthy joe plum that would be a good choice thanks mike in west palm

  2. so far so good on the tunes i feel like working outside no more crappy music for me it is the bar mike in west palm

  3. so far so good the bar is where its at

  4. This is good news because I visit West Palm Beach with my friends at least 2-3 times in a month and now we can also enjoy music, it will be so exciting. Otherwise when we want to listen music then we went at live music bar nyc.