Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FCC Looking Over 'Rainbow' Of Ideas For Web Rules

The Federal Communications Commission is looking through a “rainbow” of ideas for how to ban Internet service providers from treating websites unfairly, a commission staffer told The Hill.

The head of the agency’s Wireline Competition bureau, Julie Veach, wrote in a blog post on Monday that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was committed to taking a wide look at all of the options for new rules on net neutrality — the concept that providers like Comcast or Cox should not be able to block or slow traffic to specific websites — after the agency received millons of public comments.

“At the week’s close, Chairman Wheeler emphasized that the commission is looking for a rainbow of policy and legal proposals, rather than being confined to what he called limited ‘monochromatic’ options,” Veach wrote.

“A cross-bureau group of staff are reviewing these options as well as others in the record."

The 3.7 million comments the FCC received by the time the public window closed September 15 was well more than double the agency’s record, signaling a huge amount of interest in the issue.

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