Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Portland OR: Progressive X-RAY FM Launches

Portland may be getting a new citywide FM radio station this summer. In fact, it may be getting two of them, according to

Both Wild Planet Radio (LGBTQ community radio) and Portland Radio Project (noncommercial music-and-news) plan to broadcast at 99.1 FM over a radio tower leased from a  high school. The 100-watt tower should cover most of the city of Portland, say Bobby Harsell and Thomas Elisondo of WPR.

This news comes as new community station XRAY.FM just began broadcasting from its 10-watt tower at 91.1 FM, starting Saturday, March 15.

The Federal Communications Commission approved the WPR and PRP stations’ low-power FM applications in mid-March, after a Texas-based “educational broadcaster” bowed out of its claim on the bandwidth in January.

Each station plans to broadcast over the air for 12 hours of the day. Portland Radio Project would be on the air from 3 am until 3 pm, which includes morning drivetime. Wild Planet Radio would be on air from 3 pm until 3 am.

Both are currently operational as web radio stations, but applied for low-power licenses when the FCC briefly opened a window for small nonprofit broadcasters in October 2013.

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