Friday, March 21, 2014

TWC Cable CEO To Get $80M For 2 Months Work

Robert Marcus
In news that's fuel for the 99 percenters' fire, a regulatory filing out yesterday (March 20th) showed that Time Warner Cable CEO Robert Marcus, who's been on the job for just two months, will get nearly $80 million in a severance payment if the merger with Comcast goes through.

The New York Times said that works out to more than $1 million a day since he took over as chief executive.

There are huge golden parachutes for other Time Warner execs as well -- the CFO will get $27 million, the chief technology officer will pocket $16.3 million, and the chief operating officer will get $11.7 million.

However, Marcus' stands out for how much money it is for such a small amount of time on the job.

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    1. one who wants it.
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