Monday, March 17, 2014

Phoenix Radio: Talker Barry Young Plans To Retire This Year

Barry Young
N/T KFYI 550 AM's morning show host Barry Young has decided it's time to retire.

The longtime Phoenix talker announced last week his intention to retire this year.  The sign-off is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 7.

Young was just 14 when started his career at WGAC/Augusta, GA. He went on to WRNG (‘Ring Radio’) in Atlanta; WFAA/Dallas; WNWS/Miami; and WJNO/West Palm Beach before finally landing in the Valley of the Sun and KFYI back in 1987.

He also pulled a stint as Program Director of KFYI from 1988-1998.

It was during that time he met his future wife, digital goddess and talk host Kim Komando.

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