Friday, November 30, 2012

Todd Schnitt Leaving WFLA Tampa

UPDATE 12/13/2012: Todd Schnitt NOT leaving 970 WFLA. New deal done.Click Here for update.

Todd Schnitt, longtime Tampa talent who took his local show national, has announced he is leaving his flagship station.  Schnitt’s final show on WFLA 970 AM will be December 18. Schniit says the national show will continue.

Schnitt for many years pulled double duty in Tampa.  Beside his PM Drive talk show on WFLA, he also was AM Drive host on CC-sister station CHR WFLZ, under the name of MJ Kelli In The Morning.

Schnitt started The MJ Kelli Morning Show in 1992, his first morning-drive program (6-10 am) on WOVV (Star 95.5), West Palm Beach, Florida. He was brought to Tampa, Florida to anchor the new morning show on WFLZ (The Power Pig). Schnitt was teamed up with BJ Harris, the Power Pig’s program director to form the MJ and BJ Morning Show. Harris left the show on February 7, 2001. The show was renamed The MJ Morning Show.

Schnitt says his talk show will continue for national syndication for about 50 affiliates through Compass Media Networks.

Tom’s Take:  It will be interesting to see how WFLA fills the PM Drive shift. Chances are they’ll clear Sean Hannity live. Hannity now airs 6p to 9p.


  1. No loss of talent here. He was not a good fit for a conservative station. He can take his potty humor and crass delivery somewhere else.

  2. Even though I did not agree with him 100%, I will miss him and wonder why.... the above comment doesn't reflect who Schnitt was.

  3. He made a grueling afternoon drive in Tampa Bay that much more grueling. It is about time.

  4. exactly my im on the road in tampa too. i had to actually turn it off at three, and listen to Sean in Atlanta ... god i couldnt stand this guy !!!

  5. glad to see you go!!