Monday, December 31, 2018

Compilation: Worst of CNN In 2018

The Daily Caller has compiled the most insane moments that happened on CNN airwaves in 2018.

Among the highlights:
  • CNN kicked off the year in style by having anchors Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon get wasted in a New Orleans bar on New Year’s Eve. Fellow reporter Randi Kaye, meanwhile, was in Colorado worrying about getting a “contact high” on a party bus filled with pot-smokers.
  • Viewers demanded an apology from the network in November after anchor Don Lemon called white men the “biggest terror threat” in the country and pondered why there isn’t a travel ban on white guys.
  • No one was safe from CNN’s divisive rhetoric about Trump supporters, not even superstar rapper Kanye West. He was maligned as a “token negro” and a panel of CNN guests laughed as they mocked his intellect and offered to “trade” him in the “racial draft.”
  • While that panel was free to lob insults at a celebrity who spoke openly about mental illness, guests not dare utter “the m-word” on CNN’s airwaves. Anchors Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon repeatedly chided guests who said that chasing people out of restaurants and trying to knock down the doors to the Supreme Court is “mob-like behavior.”