Thursday, May 28, 2015

ASRP: AM Radio Is Done Sez Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd the  guest on the latest About Sports Radio podcast with Zach McCrite this week.

During the podcast, Cowherd is bearish on the prospects of terrestrial radio. “In the next five to ten years, I don’t even think they will have radios in cars,” he said.  “You’ll have your television set in your car.  So I think podcasts and digital (and) Sirius is the future. I think terrestrial (radio), AM especially, is done in five years.”

 Inside the episode:
  • Colin talks about how he got the bug for doing sports talk, via play-by-play and television. [2:55]
  • Colin remembers the first time he thought sports radio might be a viable career. [4:21]
  • Was Colin always confident in his ability or did it develop over time? [6:31]
  • Colin gives some great advice to aspiring sports talk hosts. [7:55]
  • “Don’t worry about being perfect.” [9:17]
  • Colin goes through his show prep process. [10:23]
  • The dynamic of topic development between Colin and his staff before air. [12:30]
  • How often does management talk to Colin about his content? [14:17]
  • Does Colin get paralyzed by market-specific ratings? [15:38]
  • Where will sports radio be in five to ten years? [18:10]
  • The biggest differences between Colin’s show when he began at ESPN Radio in 2003 and now. [21:19]
  • How does Colin conform to the new “bite-size” world of topic delivery and consumption? [22:31]
  • The sports radio version of nails on a chalkboard to Colin. [24:23]
  • “There’s no money in being right.  A lot of guys are more right than me and they’re doing overnights.” [25:45]
  • The thing that Colin does that annoys the people around him the most. [28:58]

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