Monday, March 4, 2019

Gen Z Shuns Old Media

Gen Z, the latest generation graduating into adulthood, isn't just snubbing print media, it's abandoning old media altogether.

According to CNBC, this generation, the oldest of which is around 22, grew up with the internet, hand-held devices and social media. They do not remember a time when these things did not exist. Because of that, their consumption habits are drastically different than even their closest generational cohort, the millennial. The members of Gen Z have all but abandoned traditional television viewing, opting to watch shows, movies and other digital content on their phones, tablets and laptops. This shift has led content producers to go where Gen Z lives — YouTube.

"They are truly endemic internet users," Jack Davis, co-founder and CEO of Crypt TV, said. "They grew up on the internet and when they turn 24 they aren't aging out of it. They aren't suddenly becoming traditional media users."

Davis along with horror master Eli Roth ("Hostel") founded Crypt TV in 2015 and have developed a slate of monster-centric IP that they distribute on YouTube and Facebook in the form of a short digital film and television series.

The channel launched on Facebook first and has gained more than 12 million fans on that platform alone, when you combine all of its different show pages. On YouTube, it has more than 2.2 million subscribers, who have tallied up more than 258 million views of Crypt TV's content.

"That's where the young people are," Davis said of the decision to bring this content to the social media platform.

The average member of Gen Z spends about 3.4 hours a day online watching videos, Wibbitz, a video creation platform, wrote in a report published in January. For this generation, YouTube is the favorite destination to watch entertainment videos, with Instagram and Facebook falling close behind.

Crypt TV's core demographic is people aged 13 to 25, Davis said.

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