Friday, August 14, 2015

FNC's Chris Wallace to Donald Trump: Get Off the Phone

Chris Wallace
Donald Trump obviously loves the spotlight, and that means he's been happy to do news show interviews about his presidential run. But he doesn't like having to go to studios to do them, and instead has been doing most of his interviews on the phone.

In the past week, he did phoners on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel, and four of the Sunday morning news shows -- all of them by phone.

But Politico reports that Chris Wallace, who hosts Fox News Sunday, has been adamant that he won't allow any phone interviews with Trump.

He explained yesterday (August 13th) on Fox News Radio: "The idea you would do a phoner with a presidential candidate where they have all the control and you have none, where you can't see them and they may have talking points in from of them... we are not a call-in radio show, we are a Sunday talk show and he is a presidential candidate, you do an interview on camera."

Wallace has repeatedly tried to book Trump to do an in-person interview, but has come up empty.

However, Trump is doing an in-person interview with NBC's Meet the Press, taping it with host Chuck Todd this Saturday to be aired the following day.

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