Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poll: 52 Percent 'Bring Back Brian Williams'

A new CNN/ORC poll shows a sharp divide in the country's reactions to Brian Williams' six-month suspension from "NBC Nightly News."

A slim majority, 52% of respondents, said NBC News should allow Williams to return to his anchor chair. But 40% said the network should not.

CNN reports the poll results show a generally forgiving attitude among Americans. But the 4 in 10 who say Williams should not be allowed back on "Nightly News" signifies a serious problem for NBC moving forward.

Substitute anchor Lester Holt has retained most of Williams' audience so far. Last week he beat ABC's David Muir. If that continues, six months from now, NBC may conclude that reinstating Williams is too risky.

The network has declined to comment, citing the fact that the investigation is ongoing.

In the CNN/ORC poll, women were slightly more apt to offer Williams a second chance -- 55% of women said he should be allowed to return, and 49% of men said the same.

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