Friday, February 20, 2015

Orlando Radio: WRUM Rumba 100.3 FM Comes Out On Top

January was a very good month for iHeartMedia. For the third time in its 10-year history, its WRUM 100.3 FM Rumba has made it to the mountain top. The January PPMs released Thursday by Nielsen show that the Tropical station spiked 5.7—6.5 replacing clustermate WMGF at #1.

WRUM had a little help along the way. For starters, Rumba lost a competitor. Hispanic Top40 WHKQ was acquired by JVC Communications in December and JVC pulled the plug on December 15, flipping 103.1 FM to WOTW /The Wolf, competing directly with market heritage Country WWKA 92.3 FM.

Before the flip, iHM got creative and bought airtime from outgoing owner TTB Media Corp. iHM aired The Rumba Morning Show on 103.1 FM for more than 3-hours for several days. The station also aired half-hour music segments voiced by WRUM personalities inviting WHKQ listeners to tune to 100.3 FM . IHM also made arrangements to host the WHQK KQ103 website. Listeners now looking for KQ are re-directed to The Rumba website.

Previously,  Rumba 100.3 ranked #1 in December 2010 (7.6) and January 2011 (6.8).

Also in January, iHM's AC/HolidayHits WMGF 107.7 FM lost more-than-half its share dropping 12.8—6.0. But Magic still came in at #2 (6+ AQH).

Cox Media Groups Rock/AC WMMO 98.9 FM was up 5.1—5.8 to take the show spot. Central Florida Educational's Contemporary Christian WPOX 88.3 FM was off its usual pace 8.6—5.7 to finish in the #4 slot. During the Holiday month, Z88.3 played a mix of Christian and secular Christmas music.

iHM's Top40 WXXL 106.7 FM had its best performance in five months spiking 4.8—5.7, good for the #5 spot.


18-34: WXXL..WRUM...WJRR...WPYO...WOMX tied WWKA


Cume: WMGF-FM 530,300...WXXL-FM 494,000...WOMX-FM 433,600...WOCL-FM 369,500...WPYO-FM 363,300

Noteworthy: JVC's Country WOTW 103.1 FM debut with of .8 share in January. The station added the syndicated Bubba The Love Sponge Show to its line-up mid-month. Next month we'll get a first look at Bubba's performance. With The Wolf directing competing with K92, its worth a look at WWKA trending 6.3—5.7—5.5 (6+ AQH)

Noteworthy:  iHM has Top 2 stations 25-54..Top 3 stations 18-34 and Top 3 stations 18-49.

Top 5 Morning Shows (6+ M-F 6a-10a)

Monsters In The Morning on RealRadio 104.1 FM
  1. Personality Talk WTKS – Monsters In The Morning
  2. Top40 WXXL – Johnny's House
  3. UrbanAC WCFB – Steve Harvey Show (had a 6.3 share, Star94.5 dropped Tom Joyner at the end of December. His final share was a 5.9
  4. Classic Hits WOCL – Rick Stacy Show (airs 5am-9)
  5. Rock/AC WMMO – Denise
    tie Contemporary Christian WPOZ – Ellis & Tyler

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