Monday, February 16, 2015

NYC Radio: WABC's Curtis Sliwa, Partner Split

Sliwa, Katz
Curtis Sliwa, the twice-divorced Guardian Angels founder and current host on N/T WABC 770 AM, and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz are no longer an item after going their separate ways on Election Day 2014.

“Melinda is a great mother and a great borough president,” Sliwa told the NYDaily News. “We are just two different people with totally separate lives.”

The low-profile parting came after a long relationship where Katz, 49, bore two sons using Sliwa as a sperm donor. Sliwa’s second ex-wife, Mary, accused the two of conceiving the pair in more traditional fashion during a torrid decade-long affair.

Sliwa, 60, divorced Mary in 2012, while his first marriage to television reporter Lisa Evers dissolved in 1995.

Katz, through a spokesman, declined to address the failed romance.

Mary Sliwa
“This is a personal and family matter,” said spokesperson Nathan Smith. “Melinda is solely focused on the welfare of the children involved and will therefore not comment further.”

His divorce from Mary set off a legal battle with plenty of salacious details. The most stunning came in a battle over the $13,000-a-month child support payments made to Mary for their son Anthony.

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Court documents detailed torrid messages left by Katz on Sliwa’s cell phone, including one about their steamy get-together on the eve of his marriage to Mary.

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Mary Sliwa, in court filings, charged her husband met with Katz for a series of sex romps in 2010-11. She also blasted Sliwa as “a classless, ill-educated liar” — and Katz as “a money-loving homewrecker.”

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