Friday, November 1, 2013

FCC’s Pai Calls AM Revitalization ‘Sensible’

Commissioner Pai
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, a recent champion of AM Radio, welcomed the Notice of Proposed Rule Making, calling it “sensible”.

In September, Pai proposed that the FCC launch an AM radio revitalization initiative and, Thursday, the commission put that plan into motion by issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
"The NPRM embraces a sensible two-stage strategy for improving AM radio service. First, we propose several ways to give AM broadcasters relief in the short term. For instance, we suggest eliminating the ratchet rule. We tee up modifications to the daytime and nighttime community coverage rules for existing AM stations. 
Perhaps most importantly, we seek public input on letting AM stations apply for new FM translators. I’m the first to acknowledge that these and other proposals will not be an immediate panacea for the difficulties confronting the AM band. 
But based on the conversations I have had with AM broadcasters across the country during the past year, I am convinced that they can make a substantial, positive difference to numerous AM stations."

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