Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rush Delivers Tea To Joplin

Rush Limbaugh announced Friday on his national radio program that he would join the citizens of Joplin, Mo., for their Fourth of July celebration in Landreth Park, bringing along a refrigerated semi-truck of his new product, Two If By Tea™.

Limbaugh recently asked his audience to visit www.TwoIfByTea.com and share why their community should receive a semi-truck full of Two If By Tea to celebrate Independence Day. After receiving thousands of entries, Joplin was the hands-down choice.

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"Fifteen to twenty thousand entries came in from around the United States--- an overwhelming number of them for Joplin, MO," Kraig Kitchin, General Manager of EIB Network told KSN-TV Joplin. "Most of them not from the residents of Joplin, but from people around the United States who thought there's a resilience and an endurance to survive and the American spirit here."

“This really isn’t about the tea. We’re talking here about American exceptionalism. You ought to see some of the entries. Some of the entries we got were from people not in Joplin, suggesting that we go to Joplin because of the E5 tornado that literally wiped out two thirds of the city. The people there have been working together as a community to rebuild. They haven’t been complaining, they haven’t been whining, they’ve been doing whatever they can on their own. There has been a lot of charitable outreach, but this is how Americans come together in the darkest hour,” stated Limbaugh.

Limbaugh and his wife Kathryn were in attendance at the city-wide celebration.

“We want to show the people of Joplin the stronger meaning of what it means to be American,” said Limbaugh. “Fourth of July is fitting to honor heroes among us, of course, including the military, and everyday, common, ordinary, average people - people that make this country work and do their part to make it better. That’s what we’re all about at Two If By Tea. American pride, American unity.”

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