Tuesday, July 5, 2011

KTRH: News Wheel "Out", Friendly Approach "In"

Patrick, Melkonian Start Houston's Morning News

Today is the start day for the "Fox & Friends" type morning show on Clear Channel's 740 AM Houston. 

To make that happen, KTRH jettisoned Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard (corrected last name) after Thursday's show. In their place will be new morning host Matt Pattrick and Lois Melkonian as news reader/side-kick.

Patrick comes from the Ohio-Indiana area where for the past nine months hosted the morning news show on N/T 95.3 FM WTRC, branded as "Michianna's News Channel".  Patrick also hosted a weekend show on Clear Channel's 1100 AM WTAM in Cleveland, OH and did fill-in on CC's "Big One" 700 AM WLW in Cincinnati.

Patrick left a goodbye message on WTRC's website:

Michiana...you are without equal!

From the moment I arrived in town, you have opened your hearts, minds, and doors to me. I have NEVER felt more welcome anywhere I have traveled.

My wfie, Paula, and I fell in love with this area, but mostly..the people.

95.3 MNC is one of the very few radio stations brave enough to stand in face of overwhelming liberal media, and lawmakers, and call them out! I am proud to be a part of the legacy of this great radio station.

No one person makes or breaks any radio station or well-run business. I was honored to be your morning man for these past 9 months. Because of YOU..the national guys listened..and asked if I would carry the message of conservatism, and love of country, to a wider audience.

After talking with my family, and every one here at 95.3 MNC, they said "If you don't do it..we will kick your butt"!

Patrick's co-host is Lois Melkonian, who comes from Clear Channel's 850 AM KOA in Denver, which she called home for the past six years. 

She was news-reader the PM Drive Show and previous experience includes TV and radio news stints in San Francisco.

Melkonian could have stayed in Denver, but the Houston offer came up and it was literally an offer she couldn't refuse, she told Bill Husted at the Denver Post.

But she'll miss Denver.

Eddie Martiny, general manager for KTRH and Clear Channel's other Houston stations, acknowledged that the departure of Hughes and Pritchard marks the end of a traditional morning news show on KTRH, Houston’s longtime news-talk market leader, and the beginning of a show more similar to the Fox and Friends show on Fox News.

“It brings to an end news the way we have been providing it,” Martiny told David Barron at the Houston Chronicle. “But KTRH will still be a radio station that’s going to provide a lot of news. We will just do it a bit differently, based on our research and the feedback that we’ve received.

He told Barron the changes reflect the nature of the radio business and the manner in which listeners obtain news from the Internet and mobile devices.

“A news wheel on radio is no longer as compelling as it used to be,” he said. “Ten years ago, radio stations were prime sources of where people went to get news. Today, they get it from Blackberries and smartphones.

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  1. Geeez you cant even get JPs name right?
    J.P. Pritchard !!!

  2. Anon: Thanks for catching my error. Freudian slip as I once worked with a JP Richards. I apologize.