Friday, July 8, 2011

WPGC's DJ Rane Sues CBS Radio For Equal Pay

WPGC's DJ RANE files a sex discrimination lawsuit against CBS Radio.

WPGC personality Ranelle "DJ Rane" Sykes is suing her employer, CBS Radio, for discrimination. The lawsuit alleges sex discrimination and a violation of the Maryland Equal Pay Act.

According to a posting at, Sykes, who holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism, says she's paid less than her male "Home Team" co-host, who holds a high school diploma.

The lawsuit requests more than $200,000 in back pay and damages from Lanham-based CBS's DC operations.


  1. That's real messed up Rane, Flex has taught you everything you know on that show, things you don't learn in college! God doesn't like ugly, hope Karma catches up with you and Jim Bell! That's why you have a face for radio!

  2. Should've hit they head for 500K, easily!