Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fort Wayne Woman Blames Radio Prank For Abuse

It started out as a prank involving a Fort Wayne radio station 107.9 FM WJFX New Haven, IN, but ended with the butt of the joke becoming a victim of domestic violence. She's blaming the radio station.

According to a story posted at, It began when Sonya Snyder found provocative pictures on her ex-boyfriend's phone. She looked through it and found the contact labeled as "Hot." When she called the number, she got HOT 107.9. That began what she calls a nightmare.

Snyder, 49, said the DJ led her to believe her ex-boyfriend was at a party and on PCP, all while his daughter was around.

“I told them again that his stuff was going to be placed outside,” said Snyder. “They told me that he said go ahead and put it outside. He didn't need it anyways."

When the man came back to Snyder's apartment, she confronted him, but he didn't know what she was talking about. They began to argue, and she said the man grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground.

“I’ve got bruises all over my body,” she said. “And at that point he took his hand and hit me three times, gave me two black eyes, bloodied my nose, and I had a towel full of blood.”

In the meantime, HOT 107.9 replayed the prank on the air. 24-Hour News 8's news partner WANE-TV asked Phil Becker, general manager/director of programming at Oasis Radio Group, about Snyder’s claims.

He said the DJ thought Snyder was trying to pull a prank on him because she asked for “Poncho.”

Becker said Snyder would have known she called the radio station because employees always answer “HOT 107.9.” Snyder claims the employee simply answered “Hello?”

“I have listened to the audio of the call that was broadcast, and it is clearly done in jest," Becker said in a news release. "More importantly, the claims that the caller accused of us of saying are not factual.

"While I am saddened to hear that someone laid their hands on the caller, there is no correlation between domestic abuse at her home and our place of business.”

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