Friday, July 8, 2011

Indiana Station Dismisses Long Time Host

WHON-930 AM manager discusses with callers on air

A popular Centerville, IN radio personality said Thursday he was being used as a scapegoat by the company that fired him after nearly 11 years of service.

According to a story by Robert Sullivan at pal.item,com, Troy Derengowski, a talk show host on 930 AM WHON and lead broadcaster for the station's coverage of Richmond High School athletics, has been let go and there is no chance for reinstatement, general manager Paula Kay King said on the air Thursday afternoon.

"This was not a decision made on a whim," King said while on air to discuss the firing with callers Thursday afternoon. "It is something we've been considering for a while."

Derengowski, who worked for 1490 AM WKBV in Richmond from 1990-2000 and at WHON from 2000 until Thursday, said he had never been told by anyone in management that they were considering any action against him or that they had any problem with his work. He also said no one from upper management had called to talk to him about the firing.

"I'm not sure where to begin," Derengowski said Thursday afternoon after listening to King make the announcement on air and answer callers' questions.

"I find it interesting that they come on air and blame me for the station losing listeners and losing money," he said. "I can only do so much with a part-time engineer. I was very vocal about the technical issues we have been having, but all this other stuff is just bull."

King said during Thursday's on-air announcement the station planned to make programming changes and Derengowski was resistant to those.

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