Friday, September 8, 2017

Philly Radio: WMMR Voted Best AOR Station Of All Time

One of Philly's radio stations was recently voted the best album-oriented rock station of all time on a poll from a radio industry trade publication.

93.3 WMMR was voted by readers of Radio Ink as the greatest rock station of all time.

Album-oriented rock is a radio format that focus on album tracks by rock artists.

"We were honored to find ourselves on the list with these great stations; some of which are still bringing the Rock n Roll to their cities, and a few that [sadly] have switched formats over the years, but all have carved a notch in radio radio history," WMMR said on its website.

Radio Ink, a radio-industry trade publication that is published bi-weekly for the radio management sector of the radio broadcasting industry, said it asked its readers to vote for several weeks on the top 20 album oriented stations of all time.

"Thank you," WMMR said on its website, "we're excited to be sharing the award with all of our listeners as we approach our 50th year rockin' Philadelphia."

Below is the full list of the top 20 greatest album-oriented rock stations of all time as voted by Radio Ink readers:

  1. WMMR Philadelphia
  2. KLOS Los Angeles
  3. WRIF Detroit
  4. KSHE St. Louis
  5. WEBN Cincinnati
  6. KQRS Minneapolis
  7. KMET Los Angeles
  8. WNEW New York
  9. WNOR Norfolk
  10. WRAT New Jersey
  11. WFBQ Indianapolis
  12. KISW Seattle
  13. WKLC Charleston, West Virginia
  14. WMMS Cleveland
  15. KNAC Los Angeles
  16. WBCN Boston
  17. WDVE Pittsburgh
  18. KQRC Kansas City
  19. WSHE Miami
  20. WGRF Buffalo

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