Wednesday, September 6, 2017

St. Louis Radio: The Arch Collects 50K+ During Diaper Drive

“Spencer's Neighborhood” – with the help of the entire 106.5 The Arch staff – blew WELL beyond their original 10,000 diapers goal. MORE than 50,000 diapers total were collected over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend, with Dierberg's donating an additional 5,000 diapers, and major supporter Big Boots BBQ came through with another 2,500 diapers. WARH 106.5 The Arch and Hubbard Radio St. Louis were dumbfounded by the response.

According to Spencer's Neighborhood co-host Brando, "We thought 10,000 would be difficult, with only a weekend to promote and collect the diapers. So obviously we were pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the St. Louis listeners."

Afternoon Drive host Robert Fithen climbed into the Victorian Sales trailer this morning and broadcast live the entire way to Texas, where the semi-trailer will meet Teamsters Local 988. This group of Union brothers and sisters volunteered their time, labor and resources to help distribute diapers!

Program Director Scott Roddy comments, "We are humbled by the generosity of the last four days. Serving our LOCAL community is 106.5 The Arch, and our parent company, Hubbard Broadcasting’s credo. That the Arch could be the conduit for flood relief between St. Louis to families affected by the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, was an honor.  LOCAL businesses like Dierberg’s, Victorian Sales, and Big Boots BBQ; churches, police stations and thousands of others bigheartedly showed the true spirit and heart of OUR community. Spencer’s Neighborhood and all of the on-air Arch Allies sincerely thank followers from all over the bi-state for helping to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most."

According to Hubbard Radio St. Louis VP & Market Manager John Kijowski, "Hubbard’s mandate is serving our LOCAL community. Today, our community stretches beyond state lines."

For more information about Spencer’s Neighborhood’s Diaper Drive - contact Program Director Scott Roddy at 314-983-6000 or via email at

And for all the updates on 106.5 The Arch's efforts for Hurricane victims across the United States, go to the station's website at, or visit the radio station's Facebook page at

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