Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CCM+E’s Parks Says FCC AM Plan ‘A Joke’

Darryl Parks
Calls Radio Show A ‘Circle Jerk’

UPDATE: Park's blog has been scrubbed from the WLW website.

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The Director of AM Operations for Clear Channel, Darryl Parks has posted a scathing blog about the FCC’s plans to ‘revitalize’ the AM radio band.

Parks blog is what he calls “A Serious Message To The Broadcasting Industry” and is posted n the WLW 700 AM website.  Besides his coporate role, Parks hosts a Saturday show on WLW and sometimes fills-in at other times.

Parks piece criticizes the 6-part plan proposed by Acting FCC Chair Mignon Clyburn to fix the AM band and calls last week’s NAB/RAB Radio Show in Orlando "the yearly circle jerk gathering of broadcasters."

Parks also takes the media press to task copying press releases about the plan. He writes:
Today, besides interference from other stations, the AM band is also being interfered with by computers, cell phones, even those new energy savings light bulbs.  This is why it may be more difficult for you to receive a good signal from an AM station these days. 
Just last week at the yearly “circle jerk” gathering of broadcasters called the NAB/RAB Radio Show, FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn announced a “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” with 6…count ‘em…6 ideas to rid station owners of horrible burdens.  What do these 6 ideas do?  Increase interference!  And no one.  Not one freaking person in the industry press will talk about this.  Obviously, they're too busy copying press releases for their publications and pretending to be Kevin Bacon's ROTC character.
According to Parks, the answer to less interference on the AM band is to turn-off off non-viable stations.   He also reminds station owners they “have one thing that is worth a ton of money. The land their towers sit on."

Read Park’s entire blog, Click Here.

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