Saturday, October 24, 2015

Twin Cities Radio: Turner, Nagel OUT At KTWN

Turner and Nagel
Two longtime Twin Cities radio DJs, Brian "BT" Turner and Jason Nagel, were fired from KTWN Go 96.3 FM Friday afternoon.

Turner shared the news in an email: "Jason Nagel and I (are) at Elsie's toasting new corners to turn after both being canned today at Go 96.3." When asked for further comment, Turner replied: "Drinking now. You understand. ..."

In a phone interview late Friday afternoon with, Nagel said he thought the move was budget-related. "I don't know much," Nagel said, "but it looks like a straight-up cutback to me."

Representatives from the Pohlad family-owned station did not immediately respond when asked for a comment, but Nagel and Turner's biographies have vanished from Go 96.3's website.

In January, the Pohlads relaunched the former K-TWIN as Go 96.3, with an eye toward taking on Minnesota Public Radio's 89.3 The Current. Turner and Nagel were the first DJs announced for the new station, which also hired Barb Abney, who was fired from the Current just as Go 96.3 was getting started.

Both Turner and Nagel spent years at Cities 97 before jumping ship to K-TWIN in late 2012 and early 2013.

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