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The Infinite Dial Canada 2019 study, which we previewed earlier this month, is now available to download in full. 36% of Canadians aged 18+ listened to a podcast in the last month.

➤Spotify has published a good look at the podcasting industry on their Spotify for Brands website, with lots of statistics and detail.

➤It’s almost a month since Luminary launched. “As one of our first Premium subscribers, we want to say thank you by extending your free trial period to THREE months!”, they say, in an email seen by Podnews today sent to a subscriber - it’s unclear if this is a targeted offer or something for everyone.

➤Podtrac is changing their measurement algorithm. A blog post appears to indicate that they’re undergoing official IAB compliance, and warns “you should expect to see your download numbers decrease to be consistent with the new guidelines”. Podtrac claimed last July that their figures were, and have always been, consistent with the IAB Podcast Metric Guidelines v2.0; but say this change is due to “more coalescing around specific interpretations of the guidelines” in the industry.

At the end of last year we highlighted that Podtrac’s figures were around 27% higher than Blubrry/RawVoice, who were awarded IAB Certification in early December.

➤The new (still opaque) methodology from Podtrac has been applied to their (opt-in, self-selecting) April 2019 statistics. The effect appears to be a drop of around 20% for streams/downloads for the top 3 publishers, which remain #1 NPR, #2 iHeartRadio, #3 PRX.

➤Omny Studio has rolled out full support for WebSub, so podcasters using the platform will see new episodes appearing instantly in podcast apps that support it, like Google Podcasts or Swoot. Podcast host Megafono also supports the WebSub standard.

➤Apple have removed the words “Listen on iTunes” from their podcast pages, preferring now to use “Listen on Apple Podcasts”. This is the surest indicator yet that they plan to build an Apple Podcasts desktop app for the next iteration of MacOS.

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You can now support Podnews in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, plus UK sterling and Euro. Currency conversion? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

➤The largest independent podcast host Libsyn has released its Q1 earnings report. Libsyn’s podcast revenue increased by 16% to $3.3m (and, including Pair Networks, the company got $6.28m in revenue, up 24% year-on-year). Libsyn now hosts 62,000 shows (and 4.9m media files); it claims it’s responsible for around 35% of the Apple Podcasts top 200, and delivered over 5.1 billion downloads in 2018.

Dominick Milano has joined audio advertising platform Targetspot as Vice President Business Development in North America. He was formerly a senior leader at Triton Digital.

➤The iHeartRadio app now offers over 250,000 podcasts, the company has said. (One of them is us.) By comparison, Apple Podcasts has over 700,000 podcasts.

➤Podcast host Simplecast spent a week off-site recently, and posted their insights from it.

Pandora has a new, native Mac app, but it comes… without podcasts. (We’re on Pandora).

➤Erik Diehn, the CEO of Stitcher, was interviewed on Yahoo Finance recently, talking about podcasting after Game of Thrones.

➤This week on Luminary, co-creator of Slow Burn ▸, Leon Neyfakh, releases a new podcast, Fiasco, which dives deep into the untold stories of the 2000 Gore v. Bush recount in a 10-episode narrative series.

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➤The British Podcast Awards were held on Saturday night in London, UK. Hosted by Cariad Lloyd, George the Poet swept the board with five gold awards. Brexitcast won the Listener’s Choice award. There’s a full winners list of the best British podcasts on our website.

➤The Australian Podcast Awards were also held on Saturday night, in Sydney NSW, Australia. Wrong Skin won the podcast of the year; the ABC won seven awards. You can watch the entire ceremony here; and listen to all the winners of the best Australian podcasts on our website.

➤Which is Joe Rogan, and which is Faux Rogan? Dessa, an artificial intelligence company, has recreated podcaster Joe Rogan’s voice - take a listen. As the company says in their announcement, “it’s pretty f*cking scary”.

➤The Podcast Host are running a gear survey to find out the kit and tools podcasters are using to create their content in 2019. There’s a prize draw for all entrants, first prize will be a Rode Procaster or Podcaster mic (their choice), or $200 kit budget on Amazon.

Spotify is testing something they’re calling “Car Thing” - a voice-controlled music and podcast device for the car.

➤Spotify are encouraging musicians to make podcasts, according to a post on The Music Network, a musicians’ website. Meanwhile Sony Music Entertainment is to make podcasts, they’ve announced, in a joint venture with Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer - and they’re hiring.

➤Podfund, a new funding option for podcasters, received over 100 applications in their first 24 hours, they’ve revealed.

➤Podcast host Libsyn have announced 125 new podcast networks are using the company, including eBay, the NYSE and a tractor company.

➤Podcasting is a core part of a publisher’s offering, according to the Press Gazette.

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➤Veteran podcast executive Rob Greenlee has joined Libsyn as Vice President of Content and Partnerships. He’ll report to Laurie Sims, President of Libsyn, and will work with Rob Walch to further the company’s relationships with podcast producers and develop industry partnerships. He’s previously worked for Spreaker and Voxnest; and has also worked at PodcastOne and within Microsoft’s Zune division.

➤The latest mobile overview report has been published from ScientiaMobile. Part of this information is helpful to podcasters - the split between Apple and Android (above).

Podcast·co has launched their new podcast platform. The company has a partnership with Spotify and are working on a wealth of new features and other partnerships.

➤Anchor have launched a new feature letting listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts.

➤Father’s Day is coming up next month in the US. Here’s who advertised about Fathers Day on podcasts last year.

➤Yesterday was Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Simplecast have announced a roadmap to make their products fully accessible; and ask why podcasts are not fully accessible.

➤A radio talent agency, The Weiss Agency, has launched a podcast division called TWA Podcast Studio.

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➤James Purnell, the BBC’s Director of Radio and Education, has announced that BBC Sounds, the broadcaster’s radio and podcast app, will be personalized later this year with “a new public service algorithm … This is not an algorithm that just gives you more of the same, but an algorithm built to surprise you, to direct your attention to new information, to different points of view, to pop your bubble.”

➤Jesse Baker and Eric Nuzum have launched Magnificent Noise, “a boutique production house and consulting company, built on an intimate scale”. They say they are already at work on projects with longtime collaborators TED and Esther Perel, and developing projects with The New York Times.

➤Blubrry has announced it is offering measurement for partial downloads, which “breaks out those downloads that did not get to the finish line but did qualify as a countable download”. Premium data, this is being offered free for Blubrry’s hosting customers until July 1.

➤Radio and podcast technology company Futuri Media has hired Cornelius “Corny” Gould as their SVP, R&D and Innovation. He hosts a podcast about rocketry.

➤Simon Owens writes about the race to build a podcast recommendation engine.

Is podcasting’s future based on good SEO? Rebel Base Media’s Mark Asquith points out what Google’s recent rollout of podcasts appearing in search could mean to us all.

➤Advice: How to write a podcast script (G2Crowd), and why characters and storylines aren’t just for fiction podcasts (The Podcast Host).

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