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➤37% of Canadians listen to podcasts every month, according to new data from Edison Research’s Infinite Dial Canada 2020. That puts monthly Canadian podcast consumption on par with the US. Weekly listening is even higher than its southern neighbour, at 24%: the highest figure recorded by the international surveys so far.

Triton Digital has released their US Podcast Report through May 10. NPR News Now ▸ is (still) #1; NPR have 9 shows in the top 15. The highest new entry was from Audioboom, who joined the report this release: Morbid ▸ is new at #29. The service only measures participating publishers.

➤Podtrac has also released their US publisher report for May. iHeartRadio, absent from the Triton Digital report, is at #1; NPR is at #2. Their service, too, only measures participating publishers.

➤Podcast apps Castro and Pocket Casts have both been pulled from Apple’s App Store in China. Apple Podcasts remains available, but only offers a selection of podcasts to comply with Chinese government content rules. This time last year, they removed a number of shows for, um, some reason.

➤97.2% of active podcasts make no money, according to a new service which has launched today. Podhero is a simple way to support podcast creators: your monthly $5.99 subscription is shared between the podcasts you support. The podcast app is available on iOS and Android, and was formerly known as Swoot; you can support Podnews on the service.
Podcaster? You should claim your show.

NPR has announced the winners of the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. The lower grades winner covers the harassment and racism felt by chinese students in New York City as the coronavirus hit; the higher grades winner focuses on how global warming disproportionately affects black communities.

➤The annual Podcast Awards are open for registration. Podnews is a supporter for the third year. You have until the end of June to register: it’ll cost $25.

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➤The new Triton Digital Podcast Report is out for Latin America: new publishers include Audioboom and the audio·ad podcast network. The data is only from participating publishers.
The number 1, O Assunto ▸, a news podcast in Portuguese, saw 60% more downloads; the top 10 grew 9.9% as a whole, to 3.08m weekly downloads.
  • The highest new entry at #7 is Últimas noticias de CNN en Español (from WarnerMedia), which is also on smart speaker news briefings. Us too: we’re on Alexa and on Google Assistant.
Hubl is a new podcast app that offers “the best way to find, review and share podcast episodes”. It links with Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and uses the Listen Notes directory.

Ode is a new service offering a Chrome extension to help listeners remember promo codes from their favourite podcasts, and to monitor their use of them.

➤The Podcast Festival has put videos of their recent Future of Podcasting event on their website, for anyone to watch. Caution: includes our Editor, but also includes Jason Phipps and Kara Swisher among others.

➤Solstice Media, a media publisher in Australia, has announced Solstice Podcasting, a new national podcasting and audio production agency. The company has joined forces with Nicola Haack, a broadcaster and podcaster.

➤Omny Studio has highlighted best practice for dynamic content in podcasts - what it is and how people are using it.

➤Bill Rosenblatt profiles the European podcast market for Forbes, including what he calls Podimo’s “promising start”. From the UK’s Sparklab Productions, Mel Harris says that branded podcasts are definitely a thing. “It’s a creative way of building brand loyalty,” she says.

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➤An estimated 8% of all Canadians listened to Joe Rogan in the past month: that’s an audience the size of Vancouver. But will they follow him to Spotify? New data from The Canadian Podcast Listener suggests that not all will - 18% say they will listen or watch less often, and 23% will stop altogether. His viewers on YouTube are even less likely to carry on, with 50% saying they’ll watch less often or stop. Spotify users, however, say they’ll listen more. The full data is at The Canadian Podcast Listener website.
  • The study also suggests that Spotify is now more popular than Apple Podcasts for Canadian podcast listeners aged under 35.
Apple is making an original podcast - and this time, it really is an original podcast from their Beats 1 radio station, not a thinly-veiled promo for their TV service. The Zane Lowe Interview Series features - well, according to the RSS feed, just one episode, an interview with Billie Eilish; but according to the Apple Podcasts listing, it features seven episodes, including Kanye West, Lady Gaga and others. What’s going on there?

➤Acast have announced a Supporter feature for their podcasters in some countries. The product lets you receive one-off payments from your listeners: Acast charge 12%. The product works as a landing page on the Acast website, and uses a promo that you record. We found that UK podcast The Dream Factory is using it; Acast is using the donate button standard, which is supported by some podcast players.

➤Olá! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Wotcha! Omny Studio, the podcast management platform from Triton Digital, is now available for use in French, Spanish and Portuguese, with more languages to follow. Their embedded players also support Arabic and Japanese. ここには何でも書けます!لن يقرأ أحد هذا!

➤There’s a new AP Stylebook now available, containing updates about climate change and sexual misconduct, as well as a new chapter on digital security for journalists. Hat tip: Splice's Frames newsletter. (Podnews tries to use The Guardian’s style guide, which is available online).

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➤A record number of podcasts were started in May. 96,537 new shows were added to Apple Podcasts, according to Daniel J Lewis’s My Podcast Reviews. The previous record, 90,977, was hit in April: it’s likely that the coronavirus pandemic had a positive effect in podcast launches. There are now 1,136,520 podcasts in Apple Podcasts, according to the data. (Apple Podcasts powers at least 75% of all podcast app directories)

➤French subscription podcast company Majelan is to close in its current form. The company is pivoting to a “personal fulfilment” app, available in both French and English, as the founders explain in their own podcast ▸ (en Français). Much like Luminary, the company had a rocky launch, with some podcasters concerned at their inclusion in the app.

➤The IAB has released a report of internet advertising revenue for 2019. Digital audio advertising revenue reached $2.7bn, an increase of 21%. That number includes all forms of audio streaming, not just podcasting - but the bureau attributes a 25% growth in audio revenue on mobile devices, in large part, to podcasting.
  • The reports from the IAB also include a coronavirus report, pointing to “significant pricing pressure” during the pandemic.
➤Podtrac has published its final weekly update of podcast data amid the coronavirus. Most podcast consumption has returned to near normal levels; last week was affected by Memorial Day (the last graph in the data shows this most visibly). The data only contains participating publishers.

Listnr makes a podcast in over 30 languages without recording anything - it uses speech synthesis, “synthesized by our Deep Learning Engine”.

➤Podcasting WordPress plugin PowerPress has been updated to v8.3, offering an improved user experience and interface. The plugin from Blubrry powers more than 60,000 active podcasts.

➤Podbean has launched a new Unlimited Business Plan for secure enterprise podcasting.

WideOrbit has been added to the Rubicon Project ad exchange allowing ad buyers using Rubicon Project to buy advertising on WideOrbit’s publishers, including broadcast radio stations and podcasts.

➤Entercom’s RADIO·COM content is now available to users of Houndify, SoundHound’s independent voice AI platform, which is in a bunch of cars as well as other products.

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IMDB is now accepting listings for audio podcasts, the website has announced. Kind of: currently, podcasts are marked, as our listing shows, as a TV Series, and there’s no link to the RSS feed nor the audio. For now.

➤Acast has announced that any show on Acast Open, the company’s podcast hosting service, can now apply to be part of the Acast Marketplace and generate revenue from ad impressions. Podcasters will receive monthly payouts based on dynamically-inserted ads in their shows.

➤First look: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams from Lantigua Williams & Co today announces a three-part webinar called Podcasting, Seriously. “With so many excellent 101 resources available about HOW TO podcast, it’s time to take a deeper look at skills and ideas that will take you a step further into podcasting as an industry,” she says.

Wondering what podcasters have in their PodKit? PodKit helps share the tools that podcasters use. Currently in “very early alpha”, here’s what our Editor uses - and you all use Podnews, right?

➤A company called Bertom has released a free noise reduction plugin called Denoiser. It has zero-latency processing, which could help; and proudly boasts six sliders and two knobs. It provides very decent results while being easy to use, says a review.

Podfund has announced another strategic investment, this time into Atypical Artists, a fiction audio company.

➤Enterprise podcast host Knit will now be run by co-founder and CTO Matt Kinser. Co-founder and President Kris Smith is now to lead PodcastAds, a company helping podcast ad buyers. Both companies share a common owner, Palegroove LLC.


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