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➤Only 14% of podcast listens on Apple Podcasts are downloads, according to new data from Simplecast: the rest are streams. In comparison, on Overcast 87% of podcasts are downloaded first. “Podcasts apps ought to default their audio delivery to streaming”, says the company.

➤The Podcast Editors Community have revealed the results of a survey into the industry. The average charge for producing an hour-long podcast was around US$105; and the best thing to increase your price as an editor is to be effective on social media, and to go to events - but not too many. The full survey results can be found when signing up to more information about the Podcast Editors Conference; or you can watch the full webinar.

➤A new podcast app, Podcast9, has launched, built to “help listeners who want to learn effectively from the podcasts they hear”: the product has some smart ideas including automated transcripts and shareable playlists. The founders say that they’ve suspended more development until 2020, though. It’s iOS only.

➤After criticism, Pocket Casts has reversed an earlier decision and will give lifetime access to their web app to people that had previously bought lifetime access to their web app. It was originally offered as a one-off payment of $9 - in a changed business model earlier this week, users were offered three years of Pocket Casts Plus instead, but will now get access for life.

➤Podcasts on Megaphone were unavailable for three hours yesterday morning (US time), after what the company called an unusual surge of traffic. Everything’s fine now.

➤InsideRadio reports on the positive effect that joining iHeartRadio had on Disgraceland ▸ in terms of downloads. (For noting: InsideRadio is owned by iHeartMedia).

Luminary have unveiled their Fall podcast lineup, including six new podcasts.

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Descript has released Podcast Studio, a podcast editor that works like a word processor. It’s free for the first three hours of transcription - and today’s episode of Podnews’s podcast is edited using it: see me trying it out for the first time on YouTube. (Opinion: it’s astonishing).

Descript has also launched Overdub, a way for you to “correct your voice recordings by typing”, using artificial intelligence to reconstruct your voice. It’s worth giving the demo a go. It’s a carefully-designed tool that only works on your own voice, not other people’s - so you can’t use it for deepfakes of the US President saying ludicrous things, for example.

➤Breaker, a social podcast app, is now available for Android users in beta. It will import your subscriptions from other podcast apps, and is free. Here it is on Android, and on iOS. Listen to Podnews in Breaker.

What’s the best microphone for podcasting? 1,372 podcasters have contributed to this WhatPods survey - the one we use is #7.

PodcastGuests is celebrating over 15,000 users. The service launched three years ago and connects podcasters with expert guests for their shows.

➤Maggie McGuire, the CEO of Pinna, an ad-free children’s audio network, talks to Podcast Movement. They advertise themselves, though: “We’re running advertising across audio networks including Spotify, Pandora, and NPR, and across podcast networks like Megaphone and Midroll.”

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➤Pocket Casts, a popular podcast app, is now free on Android and iOS. The company has also launched a way of playing your own files within the app, and has launched Pocket Casts Plus, an optional subscription for additional features, the web player and desktop app. Pocket Casts was US$3.99; if you bought the desktop/web app (a one-off $9 fee), you’ll get Plus free for three years.

While positive about the mobile app, reaction on social media from those that bought the desktop app (which we imagine is a small minority of users) has been negative - noting that the previous $9 was clearly marked as “no monthly subscriptions” and would be payablejust once”. Owen Grover, the CEO of Pocket Casts, told Podnews that: “We will continue to monitor sentiment closely to ensure we get this right. All of this is new for us too and we appreciate the passion and loyalty of our users, many of whom have been with us for many years.” He’s speaking at OzPod on Thursday 3rd October in Melbourne VIC, Australia.
Opinion: It’s the app we use, and is by far the best podcast experience on Android: so good, we bought it twice. It’s here for iOS, and here for Android; the iOS version is awaiting an update to be approved by Apple. Listen to us on Pocket Casts

➤The Daily from the New York Times, which launched Feb 1 2017, has hit a billion total downloads, the company has announced. The Daily now achieves more than two million downloads per episode.

➤Spotify has announced the results of their second 'Sound Up’ Podcast Accelerator for Women in Color. Christina Orlando, Janae Burris, Shayla Martin and SK were each awarded US$10,000 to fund their own podcasts. Meanwhile, Paul Vogel, Spotify’s “VP and head of financial planning & analysis, treasury and investor relations” (imagine the business card) said in a conference that podcast audiences on Spotify increased by 50% from Q1 to Q2 2019, and that it has a positive effect on user retention and churn.

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➤Podcoin, an app which promised to reward listeners to podcasts by paying them “podcoins”, has announced it will close on Sep 24. We covered its launch on Dec 17 last year.

➤In a Facebook post, Dave Jackson notes that Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend ▸ contains over ten minutes of ads. In August, Conan O’Brien signed “a mid-seven-figure deal” with podcasting network Midroll.

➤Belgian users of iTunes also see a “Shows in English” page, in case you’re interested, says Podnews reader Jan. And in Germany, says Levin. And in Spain, adds Emilio. Merci, dankeschön, gracias everyone.

➤Distributing your podcast to YouTube? Yesterday we linked to data saying not to bother; today, podcast host RedCircle explains why you should, and highlighting their YouTube integration.

➤Craig Constantine, one of our excellent personal supporters, mentions that he wrote this deep-dive into podcast RSS feeds a short time ago. It’s worth a read.

Culpable ▸, a Tenderfoot TV and Black Mountain Media true crime podcast, is offering a $10,000 reward for more information surrounding the death of 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio of Meridian MS, USA. The podcast has also made it into People magazine.

➤Blubrry is giving away a year’s free podcast hosting as part of a package that also includes a decent microphone and consulting.

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Podcasts will be bigger than radio next year in terms of NPR’s revenue: according to Deborah Cowan, the organisation’s CFO. She’s expecting to earn $55m from podcasting next year. NPR is profitable, and overall revenue grew 10% year-on-year.

➤Dutch public service broadcaster NPO has added their podcasts to Spotify. Spotify had to enable passthrough (ie not cache the audio) in order to enable to comply with Netherlands law.

➤The first-ever Infinite Dial South Africa, presented by Edison Research, NAB South Africa and Triton Digital, will be announced on Wednesday. Here’s where to register for the free seminar.

Is it worth auto-posting your podcast to YouTube? Mark Steadman from Podiant works out whether he should continue supporting this feature from his podcast hosting service, by looking at the data.

➤Talking about finding sponsors and making money, Benjamin Shapiro from the Martech Podcast will be guest at the California Podcast Association in Oakland CA, USA tomorrow, Tues 17 Sep. Meanwhile next month you can catch a live taping of the history of BART on 9th October at Oakland Public Library.

➤More details on Brexitcast, a podcast which was aired on BBC television last week. Benefiting from a slot directly after Question Time, over one million viewers tuned in; and the programme on TV was subtly edited from the podcast original, as radio consultant Nik Goodman points out.

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