Friday, May 5, 2017

Chicago Radio: Kathy Hart Walks, Hubbard Scrambles

The working relationship between WTMX 101.9 FM The Mix morning show superstars Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart has been a terrible one, according to Chicago Radio& Media website.

While the two seem to have incredible chemistry on the airwaves, when the microphones are turned off, the duo simply cannot stand each other.

Eric and Kathy
According to CR&M, the problems behind the scenes have only worsened over the years and Hubbard Radio Chicago management has done little to smooth over the problem or end the highly toxic work conditions that have long existed.

According to insiders at WTMX-FM, the problem is so bad that the two hosts will only communicate with each other through producers. They will not even say a word to each other.

Many of the insiders side with Hart, claiming Ferguson's ego, entitled attitude, and harsh treatment of others makes it difficult to be around him.

No longer able to handle the negativity of working alongside Ferguson, Hart left the station this week on what appears to be a mental health leave of absence. Hubbard Radio Chicago is now scrambling to try and save their "golden goose" morning show that has produced record-high ratings and revenue for them for so many years.

The "Eric & Kathy Morning Show" has boasted strong listenership among advertiser-coveted 25-to-54-year-old females for most of their tenure at the station. The key to the success of this entertainment based, lifestyle driven show has been its ability to keep the content edgy enough to engage grownups but with enough tongue in cheek humor to sail right over the heads of kids.

Ferguson and Hart have been on-air partners on WTMX-FM since September 1996, creating one of the most successful and consistently highest-rated morning shows in Chicago radio history. This past November they were inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame to honor their radio successes. In January, the duo were given a multi-year contract extension to stay on WTMX-FM.

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