Thursday, October 14, 2021

5 Nielsen Takeaways For Advertisers

Nielsen held a client webinar this week to reveal the findings of their seventh COVID consumer tracking study since the start of the pandemic. 1,022 Americans 18+ were surveyed this September 2021. 

Today’s CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One Audio Active Group Blog outlines the 5 things advertisers need to know about Nielsen’s very encouraging findings:
  • The time to advertise is now as marketers need to capitalize on the positive consumer outlook: Consumer spending is steady despite the Delta variant. 86% say they are spending the same or more. More than eight in ten say their household finances will improve or remain the same in the coming months.
  • Advertise on audio to reach those most likely to spend: AM/FM radio and podcast listeners are more likely to shop in stores, attend events, work in an office, and travel.
  • Among those who are employed, 70% now work outside the home: Those commuting to work have grown across six prior studies. Time spent in the car has surged, especially among heavy AM/FM radio listeners.
  • Children attending school in person was up sharply in September 2021: Those attending in-person classes jumped from 38% in June 2021 to 69% in September 2021. Most are being driven to school with AM/FM radio on.
  • AM/FM radio continues to be the soundtrack of American recovery as September listening reached a record high: Morning drive audiences were up especially among women and teens powered by the return to work and school.

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